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Attention 3M employees and retirees: Make your donation go further March 3-14

When it comes to supporters of Meals on Wheels, it’s hard to match 3M’s dedication. More than 200 volunteers from 3M regularly deliver meals and its employees have a long history of financial support for Meals on Wheels. 3M is once again offering its support for Meals on Wheels through the 3M Foundation’s Hunger Relief […]

Why we support the 5% Campaign

If you’re following what’s going on with the Minnesota Legislature this year, you’re likely to hear about something called the 5% Campaign. So what is it? It’s a campaign to support a 5 percent funding increase from the state to providers of home and community based services. These services, which include local Meals on Wheels […]

Why combating loneliness may be just as important as fighting hunger

As any sad song will tell you, being lonely is nobody’s idea of fun. But increasing research suggests that feeling lonely might affect more than just your state of mind. Take for example a recent study reported on by USA Today. Researchers from the University of Chicago surveyed more than 2,100 adults age 55 and […]

Join us at the 2014 HandsOn Twin Cities Volunteer Expo

You can do more than just shop at the Mall of America on Saturday, Feb. 15. Meals on Wheels is proud to be one of more than 80 local organizations that will be participating in the HandsOn Twin Cities Volunteer Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Stop by the Meals on Wheels booth, which […]