The Meals on Wheels guide to the Thanksgiving season

A family for No Hunger November posing in a mall

If you’re looking for a way to give back on Thanksgiving or are looking for meal delivery resources, read on to see what opportunities Meals on Wheels is offering this Thanksgiving season.

If you’re looking to give back…

1. Walk to End Hunger

The most fun way to support Meals on Wheels this Thanksgiving is participating in the Walk to End Hunger! The Walk to End Hunger is a family-friendly walk that takes place Thanksgiving morning at the Mall of America. This event is perfect if you have kids and are looking for a new family tradition to start. Not only will kids learn a valuable lesson in giving to others, but they will also have a great time playing in the many “fun zones” placed throughout the Mall! The walk also offers the benefit of giving you a chance to be active and work up an appetite for the big meal later in the day. It’s the best way to give back before you give thanks! All of the money raised goes toward Meals on Wheels, you can sign up to walk for Meals on Wheels here. If you can’t make it, consider registering as a “sleepwalker” or donating to the Metro Meals on Wheels team.

2. Deliver meals

Most of our member programs deliver Thanksgiving meals for reheating on Thanksgiving Day during the days leading up to Thanksgiving. One exception is CES Meals on Wheels in Minneapolis, who is doing a same-day delivery. If you are interested in volunteering to deliver meals in the Minneapolis area for CES on Thanksgiving Day, so seniors can still have a warm, nutritious meal on Thanksgiving, you can call them at 612-870-1125.

3. Donate

Meals on Wheels is always accepting donations to support our work of providing seniors and those living with disabilities with warm, nutritious meals. If you want to help in our efforts you can donate to Meals on Wheels here.

Information on receiving a meal

If you or a loved one are a Meals on Wheels client and have questions about how to get a hot meal on Thanksgiving, below are a couple of options for you.

1. Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels

While almost all Metro Meals on Wheels member programs don’t deliver a hot meal on Thanksgiving, there is a separate organization that works specifically to provide people with a hot meal on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels delivers a warm Thanksgiving meal that includes turkey, dressing, potatoes, and all the other good stuff. This service is available to all who need it – not just seniors. If you are interested in receiving Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels you can contact them at 651-699-5404 anytime after Nov. 1.

2. Current meal recipients

All Meals on Wheels programs will be offering the option of an extra meal for recipients that’s delivered earlier in the week so that they will still have a meal on Thanksgiving. If you have any questions about how you will receive meals during the week of Thanksgiving, contact your local Meals on Wheels program or Metro Meals on Wheels at 612-623-3363.