What does the President’s proposed budget mean for Meals on Wheels?

A Meals on Wheels sample meal with pork

After President Trump sent a blueprint budget for Fiscal Year 2018 to Congress, there’s rightfully been concern in the Meals on Wheels community about potential funding cuts to local programs. We have been inspired by so many Meals on Wheels supporters during this time and would like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions you may have about what effects the President’s proposed budget could have on local programs.

Should I be concerned about Meals on Wheels service being interrupted for myself or a loved one?

Metro Meals on Wheels wants to reassure meal recipients and their loved ones that service will continue as usual. We would also encourage anyone who thinks they could benefit from Meals on Wheels to sign up online or call us at 612-623-3363.

In addition to federal funding, Meals on Wheels programs rely on support from local and state governments, and most importantly donations from individuals and philanthropic foundations. With your help, we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure people who need Meals on Wheels can access the program.

What does this proposed budget mean for local Meals on Wheels funding?

The specific funding related to Meals on Wheels in the President’s proposed budget is included in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The proposed budget would eliminate CDBG funding to states to use for a variety of programs, which include senior nutrition programs and home-delivered meals.

CDBG funding decisions are made locally. In the Twin Cities area, many community organizations receive CDBG funds to supplement the services they provide to the community, including Meals on Wheels.  Any cuts to this program will impact all of us including, directly or indirectly, Meals on Wheels programs and the vulnerable adults we serve.

Does the President’s proposed budget mean cuts are imminent?

This is a preliminary budget proposal, but Congress holds the ultimate power in approving the budget for Fiscal Year 2018. At a time when the senior population is growing rapidly – the senior population in the Twin Cities will more than double by 2040 – we believe cutting resources for essential services is the wrong approach.

Metro Meals on Wheels is will continue to work with our elected officials to ensure that they understand the importance of our services to seniors and people living with disabilities in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

What can I do to support Meals on Wheels at this time?

Contact your elected officials
If you are concerned about the cuts proposed in the President’s budget, let your representatives in Congress know that CDBG funding for programs like Meals on Wheels are vital to ensuring the well-being of our senior neighbors. Find out who represents you here.

Volunteer or donate
Individual donations and volunteers are our most critical resources in providing services to seniors we serve. Learn more about volunteering for Meals on Wheels or make a donation to support Meals on Wheels in our community.