Often times when a Meals on Wheels volunteer delivers a meal, it is the only person that senior will see all day. That means the volunteer can really makes a difference, as just seeing a friendly face of someone who cares goes a long way.

Imagine the delight a senior would feel if on Valentine’s Day they had an extra reminder than someone cares. The simple action of making a Valentine’s Day card for a senior could do just that!

Making a card for a senior in your community is a great volunteer opportunity for kids, families, individuals, and groups. It is a fun way to be creative and give back. Once you’ve created your masterpiece there are two places you can send it:

Meals on Wheels Office

You can send your Valentine’s Day card to our office, we will then give it to our volunteers who will get it into the hands of a senior they are delivering meals to. Our address is 1200 Washington Ave. S. #380, Minneapolis, MN 55415.


You can also send cards by going to dosomething.org and joining their Love Letters Challenge. By signing up they will locate a Meals on Wheels program near you. If you’re a student, consider this opportunity. By signing up for the challenge and uploading a photo of you and the card you made, you are entered to win a $3,000 scholarship!

In order to ensure the valentines make their way to their recipients in time for Valentine's Day, please be sure they arrive in our office by Tuesday, Feb. 7.