Did you know you can donate stock to support Meals on Wheels? Because of the tax advantages that come with donating appreciated stock, many donors choose this route as a way to make their dollars go further.

You can deduct the full value of the stock at the time the donation is made, which offers the opportunity to maximize your impact while potentially reducing your tax liability. Donating stock to Metro Meals on Wheels is an excellent way to do your part to ensure local seniors get the nutritious meals they need to live independently.

Contact Patrick Rowan at 612-623-3363 or [email protected] to learn more about the benefits of stock donations.

Maurice, a client who receives meals

“You don’t know how good I feel inside when volunteers tell me they appreciate me. I’m very happy with Meals on Wheels, because I can live my life normally. These people make me feel like I’m still alive!”

- Maurice, Meals on Wheels client, Minneapolis