Another reason delivering meals is a great volunteer opportunity: You can do it with your kids! In fact, we encourage volunteer drivers to bring their children or grandchildren along.

Delivering meals as a family is an excellent way to teach children about community responsibility and the importance of nutrition. Delivering a hot meal and friendly visit to eight to 10 seniors and people with disabilities in need only takes an hour and the impact you are making is enormous.

The benefits you deliver are tangible and simple enough for children to understand. It’s a small and flexible commitment for families that only takes an hour and you can do once a month, during school breaks or during the summer – whenever works best for you!

For many recipients, the daily visit from volunteers is the only human contact they’ll have all day, so imagine the joy on their faces when they’re greeted by smiling children! It also provides children the opportunity to build relationships with seniors and people from different walks of life in your community.

Sign up today and learn how you and your family can make a real difference in the community. If you have questions about volunteering as a family call us at (612) 623-3363 or email [email protected].

FAQs for Family Volunteers

Will our family have the same route each time we deliver meals?

Your family can request to have the same route each time you volunteer to deliver meals and the program coordinator will do their best to accommodate your request. Keeping the same route is a great way to build relationships with recipients, which is a nice benefit for your family.

I'm worried about getting my kids in and out of their car seats. Are there ways to make this easier?

Many programs offer delivery opportunities that are all inside one apartment building. That way, getting your child in and out of a car seat won’t be an issue. If you have questions about this, contact us at [email protected]or call (612) 623-3363.

My kids are in school during the week. Can we still deliver meals together?

Absolutely! One idea is to deliver the meals yourself when they’re in school, and then talk about your experiences with your children. Then you’ll be able to take them along during the summer or when they have school breaks.

What's the youngest age child you would recommend bringing along on a delivery route?

If you’re the only adult, you might want to wait until your child can get out of the car and walk to the door unaided. However, if you and another parent deliver together, you can take turns going to the door with your child or children, no matter what their ages.

Can we deliver meals with another family?

Yes! This works especially well for families with really young children who aren’t yet able to walk. You and another parent can then take turns going to the door.

How can my family make the most of this volunteer experience?

We've compiled a handbook on how to get the most out of your family’s meal delivery experience. Here you can find practical advice for delivering, guidance for preparing your children for the experience, and exercises for reflection after you’ve delivered meals. Delivering meals can be a great educational and bonding activity for families.

Are there other volunteer opportunities for families besides delivering meals?

Yes! Delivering meals is our biggest volunteer need, but we offer many other ways to get involved. Check out these fun and easy ways for your family get involved with Meals on Wheels.

Family Volunteer Opportunities

Delivering meals is our biggest volunteer need, but there are a number of other ways your family can support Meals on Wheels.

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