Tips for Starting a Workplace Delivery Team

Are you excited about the idea of starting a Workplace Delivery Team, but wondering how to put your ideas into action? You’ve come to the right place!

Meals on Wheels has a long history of success as a workplace volunteer opportunity that’s easy to implement and manage. Because meals are delivered during the lunch hour, members of Workplace Deliver Teams spend minimal time away from the office.

We offer a few resources that can help you explain the benefits of starting a Workplace Delivery Team to co-workers and decision makers at your place of employment. Feel free to download them and share them in whichever way you see fit:

  • A Workplace Delivery Team Guide, which covers how to start a team and how the meal delivery process works.
  • A presentation to share on creating a Workplace Delivery Team.
  • A video on the benefits of starting a Workplace Delivery Team.

If you are interested in starting a Workplace Delivery Team but would like some additional guidance, we’re happy to help! To get started, complete our Workplace Delivery Team form or call us at (612) 623-3363 with any questions.