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Metro Meals on Wheels was founded in 1997 as an association of independent Meals on Wheels programs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area to provide support needed to meet the growing demand for nutritious home-delivered meals. Meals on Wheels programs have existed in the Twin Cities for more than 50 years. Metro Meals on Wheels was founded when community-based programs recognized that by forming an association, each program could benefit from a partnership that allowed them to share common resources.

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Metro Meals on Wheels exists to provide critical technical, fundraising, outreach and volunteer recruitment assistance to 32 member programs. Meals on Wheels in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area meets a vital need for more than 9,000 seniors and people with disabilities by providing regular nourishment, social connection, connecting recipients to other home-based services, and providing peace of mind to clients, caregivers and families.

Meals to help seniors and people with disabilities live independently at home

Metro Meals on Wheels focuses on providing support and assistance to our members, so they can provide the best service possible to their clients. Our services include:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Financial assistance through grants to members
  • Advocacy 
  • Increasing public awareness of Meals on Wheels
  • Community resource and referral services
  • Ongoing educational/training/information-sharing opportunities
  • Coordination/implementation of special projects to assist members and their clients

With the Minneapolis/St. Paul senior population projected to grow rapidly in the coming years, Metro Meals on Wheels provides the necessary services to help member programs to keep pace with this growing community need.

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