Volunteer delivering meals

Deliver Nutrition and Independence

Looking for volunteer opportunities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area that make a big difference in the lives of your neighbors? Look no further than volunteering with Meals on Wheels. Deliver meals over the lunch hour or sign up for a shift in our kitchen and know you are doing your part to bring nutritious food and a social connection to your neighbors.

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    Deliver Meals

    Dedicate your lunch hour to making your neighbors’ day by delivering meals.

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    Volunteer at the Kitchen

    Help with the packaging and preparation of meals for your neighbors by picking up a 2-hour shift at our kitchen.

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    Participate in an Event

    Check out our events calendar for events supporting Meals on Wheels.

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    Sign Up to Volunteer

    Ready to get started as a volunteer? Simply complete a short form to help us get you to the right place.

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    Other Ways to Get Involved

    Make placemats, decorate bags or make birthday cards for meal recipients. Or host a fundraiser to support Meals on Wheels.

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