3M employees and retirees can unlock matching gifts Nov. 7-18!

3M and its employees have a long history of supporting Meals on Wheels. For example, 3M’s workplace delivery teams are some of the longest-serving Meals on Wheels volunteer teams around.

Now, thanks to the 3M Foundation, employees have another opportunity to show their support for local seniors and people with disabilities through the 3Mgives Thanksgiving Match! Through this program, the 3M Foundation will match donations from employees and retirees made Nov. 7-18. Last year, 3M employees and retirees showed up big for Meals on Wheels, contributing $14,925 from donations and a matching grant from the 3M Foundation!

3M employees and retirees who would like to donate and take advantage of a matching gift from the 3M Foundation can follow these instructions on how to unlock a matching donation:

  • Log in at 3Mgives.com.
  • Single Sign-On is available for employees. For retirees, the donor sets up a Personal 3M Matching Gift Account if not already done. An email address is entered so the donor can receive an electronic message confirming their password. If the donor does not have an email account, they may use [email protected]. This will allow them to participate in the online program.
  • Once logged in, the donor selects the “Thanksgiving Match” program.
  • Select Meals on Wheels from the designated organizations. When the required information is filled in, the donor prints two copies of the Gift ID Coupon. One coupon is retained for the donor’s records.
  • Mail second coupon, with the donation, to Metro Meals on Wheels. Checks can be sent to Metro Meals on Wheels, 1200 Washington, Ave. S., Suite 380, Minneapolis, MN 55415. Gifts can also be made online on our donate page.
  • If you make an online donation, you still must register the gift in 3M’s system and obtain a Gift ID Coupon. The coupon should be mailed (Metro Meals on Wheels, 1200 Washington, Ave. S., Suite 380, Minneapolis, MN 55415) or emailed ([email protected]) along with a receipt for the online gift.

Important Notes:

  • To be eligible for the match, donations must be registered online between Nov. 7 and Nov. 18, 2016.
  • There is a $25 minimum and $2,500 maximum per donor.

Thank you to the 3M community for their continued support of Meals on Wheels!