Introducing Volunteer Hub, an online volunteering platform

A volunteer ready to deliver meals

Volunteer Hub is an online platform that will make volunteering with Meals on Wheels easier and more convenient! Through this new feature, volunteers can schedule volunteer shifts and complete volunteer trainings online.

With 32 Meals on Wheels meal delivery sites throughout the Twin Cities, the goal of Volunteer Hub is to allow volunteers to see which shifts are available in different neighborhoods. You can search for available routes by location or date.

Another bonus of Volunteer Hub is that you can schedule your shift at any time, at your convenience, without having to send an email or make a phone call. Volunteers will also receive a training that covers the basics of delivering meals and will help you feel comfortable when you sign up for that first route.

If you’re an existing Meals on Wheels volunteer who is interested seeing what Volunteer Hub has to offer, take a look to see which routes are available in your neighborhood. If you’ve never delivered meals, but would like to, complete our regular volunteer sign up form.

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