Can we get Justin Timberlake to deliver?

Can we get Justin Timberlake to deliver?

As you might have heard, the Super Bowl is coming to Minneapolis on Feb. 4 and Justin Timberlake will be the halftime entertainment. We thought we’d take the opportunity to invite Mr. Timberlake to deliver meals and meet some of the fantastic people that we serve.

Of course, we wanted to put our ask to music, so please take a minute to check out our song “Can’t Stop Delivering.”

How you can help

If enough of us share this video, we hope that it will catch Justin’s attention and he’ll give delivering meals a try. Here’s how you can help:

You can also help by volunteering

Our request to volunteer is not limited to Justin Timberlake! We’re always in need of volunteers and we’d love it if you become one of the many who #CantStopDelivering. Learn more about volunteering with Meals on Wheels here.

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