Meet Elaine, Meal Recipient

Elaine lives independently in her Plymouth, Minn., home – the same home where she raised five children, where she’s lived for more than 50 years. She still enjoys frequent visits from her children, and her grandchildren, and she walks her dog Molly around the neighborhood two or three times each day. You could say she’s grown quite fond of where she lives, and she credits Meals on Wheels for helping her stay there.

Barb sitting on the couch with her dog
After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2006, Elaine remains in great physical health, but has some problems with her short-term memory. While she’s able to get out and about for walks and can get around the house without problems, the three meals she receives each week provide just the amount of extra help she needs to remain living happily in her own home.

Learn a little more about Elaine:

Why she signed up to receive meals:

Meal preparation is one area where Elaine can use a little extra help. Since she no longer drives, getting to the grocery store can be difficult, as can remembering all the ingredients she needs to prepare a meal. While three meals a week may not seem like much, they go a long way toward helping her live independently.


Why she loves Meals on Wheels:

The food! Both the quality and the quantity, as she usually has enough food for two meals that day. In addition to the food, she loves getting visits from the volunteers and enjoys chatting with them for a couple minutes when the drop off her meals.

Favorite meal: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas. And any dessert!

Other benefits: Independence is important to Elaine. Her husband Don died when he was 50, and she’s lived on her own for the 35 years since. While she loves having her kids and grandkids around – her youngest son lives five houses away – she doesn’t want them to always have to shop or cook for her.

Like many other meal recipients, Elaine gets what just she needs to maintain a healthy life at home: nutritious and tasty meals with the added benefit of social interaction!