Who are these young superheroes? And what are they fighting for?

Kids teaming up to fight senior hunger as super heroesFighting senior hunger is not a problem easily solved or to be taken lightly. That’s why we’re glad to have two young superheroes on the case this fall.

Aidan and Nina are the captains of the Metro Meals on Wheels Hunger Superheroes team in the Walk to End Hunger. Along with their mom, Tara, they are doing what they can to help raise money for Meals on Wheels in the Walk to End Hunger, a community-wide effort led by hunger organizations across the state. The Walk to End Hunger happens each Thanksgiving morning at the Mall of America.

We are excited to have Aidan and Nina on hand to help, as this is the first time Meals on Wheels has participated in the Walk to End Hunger. Aidan already helps bring smiles and nutritious food to Meals on Wheels recipients as a meal delivery volunteer and Nina is hoping to follow in his footsteps soon. Both are looking forward to raising money to support this important service, as well as playing the part of hunger superhero on Thanksgiving.

A kid dressed as Batman

“Meals on Wheels is important because some people don’t have food,” Aidan says. He’s hoping that he and his sister can help ensure that everyone who needs healthy food and friendly visits through Meals on Wheels can get them.

Even though Aidan and Nina can be considered superheroes, they can’t win the fight against senior hunger on their own. They need the help of other superheroes like you! Here are two ways you can help them.

  • Walk in the Walk to End Hunger. Join the Metro Meals on Wheels Hunger Superheroes or one of the great teams walking on behalf of our neighborhood Meals on Wheels sites. You can even form your own team if you’d like.
  • Make a donation to Aidan and Nina or to any walker of your choice walking on behalf of Meals on Wheels.

Aidan and Nina are hoping that you can help Meals on Wheels raise at least $15,000 this Thanksgiving to support the delivery of more than 1 million meals in the Twin Cities each year. Will you become a hunger superhero and join them in giving back before giving thanks this year?

More information on the Walk to End Hunger can be found at walktoendhunger.org. If you want to join us in the Walk to End Hunger but have questions, give us a call at 612.623.3363.

A kid wearing a superhero cape

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