Why we support the 5% Campaign

The 5% Campaign

If you’re following what’s going on with the Minnesota Legislature this year, you’re likely to hear about something called the 5% Campaign. So what is it? It’s a campaign to support a 5 percent funding increase from the state to providers of home and community based services. These services, which include local Meals on Wheels programs, support seniors and individuals with disabilities who live at home.

Metro Meals on Wheels supports the 5% Campaign’s efforts to dedicate more resources to these essential services. If approved, the funding increase would allow local Meals on Wheels programs serve more clients who could benefit from a fresh daily meal along with a visit from a volunteer.

The state of Minnesota recognizes that funding home and community based services helps older residents and adults with disabilities remain living at home as opposed to a more expensive nursing home or care facility. It is our hope that by increasing funding for these programs, more Minnesotans can live where they want to live through accessing Meals on Wheels and other services.

Funding for home and community based services to seniors and those with disabilities was cut 1 to 2.5 percent during each of the budgeting cycles during the recent recession. While a modest funding increase was approved last year, this legislation would restore funding for Meals on Wheels to pre-recession levels.

For more information on the 5% Campaign, visit the campaign website, or find the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.