Low Sodium Meals – Renal Meal Delivery to Your Door

Renal diet meal plans, also known as kidney or dialysis diets, consist of low sodium foods and protein that help you track daily sodium intake to help balance blood flow, nerve function, and regulate bodily fluids.

According to Davita Kidney Care, when individuals living with renal disease consume too much sodium, their kidneys are unable to eliminate excess minerals and fluid from the body. Eventually, these substances build up and cause dehydration, placing additional strain on the heart and leading to higher blood pressure. When this happens, individuals may experience swelling, shortness of breath, and eventually kidney failure. Therefore, the key to delaying further kidney damage is proactively managing the amount of sodium going into your body.

Seniors living with renal disease can now enjoy Meals on Wheelslow sodium food delivery program that not only tastes great, but it also offers better nutritional value for independent living.

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About Our Renal Diet Meal Plans

Meals on Wheels now offers variations on our current meal plans to accommodate low sodium dietary needs. By working closely together, our experienced chefs and registered dietitian will create a renal diet meal plan that aligns with your health needs, tastes delicious, and helps you limit sodium consumption through portion control and balanced nutrition.   

How to Start Receiving Meals on WheelsRenal Diet Meals

Meals On Wheels is committed to delivering fresh, tasty, and nutritional meals to seniors or individuals living with a disability throughout the Metro area! To learn more about our renal diet meal plans, call us at (612) 623-3363 or email us at [email protected] with questions about how our low sodium food delivery program works! To enroll today, visit our website and fill out our online form.

Low Sodium Meal Ideas

Depending on the stage of your kidney disease, your low sodium diet plan may limit your consumption of fluids that contain certain vitamins and minerals.

According to American Kidney Fund, a doctor may recommend limiting potassium and phosphorus from your diet. To help you avoid consuming too many of these types of foods, the American Kidney Fund offers the following recommendations:

Ideas for Substituting Potassium:

Swap out bananas, spinach, or beans for apples, strawberries, or grapes

Ideas for Substituting Phosphorus:

Swap out bran cereals, nuts, and sunflower seeds for corn or rice cereals

One of the main concerns for seniors living with kidney disease is not getting the essential nutrients the body needs to function at its optimal level. With Meals on Wheelsrenal diet meal plans, you can rest assured that the fresh foods and ingredients delivered right to your door are designed to make you live healthier and feel your best. Contact us to learn more!

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