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Meals on Wheels featured in MPR story on senior meal funding

A recent Minnesota Public Radio story looked at the statewide consequences of federal budget cuts to senior meal programs. Metro Meals on Wheels Executive Director Patrick Rowan was interviewed about the impact on local Meals on Wheels programs. Not all local Meals on Wheels programs receive federal funding through the Older Americans Act, but those […]

Meals on Wheels is partnering with Gifts for Seniors this holiday season

The holidays are a time to celebrate the year, enjoy some festive music, and spend time with loved ones. However, for thousands of isolated seniors in Minnesota, the holidays can be an extremely lonely time. Meals on Wheels recipients will be getting a little extra love this holiday season. In partnership with Gifts for Seniors, […]

Planning and having ‘the talk’ about care options with your loved one

For most adults, strong will and independence have been key ingredients to successful lives. While those are sturdy values, that independent streak can get in the way when it comes to accepting help. Many caregivers will encounter this initial roadblock when discussing care options with their loved ones. In addition to celebrating together over the […]

Update on holiday options for Meals on Wheels clients and volunteers

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s an appropriate time to review a few of the options available for both those in need of holiday meals and those interested in volunteering during the holidays. Because many of our clients spend the holidays with family – and Meals on Wheels staff members enjoy spending time with their families […]