Can you receive meals on a temporary basis?

Cooking isn’t one of Marsha Oliver’s favorite activities, but she happily accepts her responsibility as her household’s head chef. However, it’s a task that she needs both hands to accomplish, and when she had shoulder surgery in August, it temporarily kept her out of the kitchen.

Marsha does all the cooking in her house because her husband Rolf is legally blind. When she was unable to go about her usual duties, Marsha knew that help was only a phone call away. As Marsha recovered from surgery, the Arden Hills couple had a daily meal delivered from Meals on Wheels. After spending a few weeks recovering, Marsha was again ready to go back to being the family’s main meal provider.

Marsha and her husband

While many rightly think of Meals on Wheels as a long-term solution that helps recipients live independently in their homes, meals are also available on a short-term basis. Meals on Wheels presents a great option for those recovering from a medical event, as the meals provide nutrition that’s key to a healthy recovery. Or, as was the case with Marsha, home-delivered meals can be of great help if physical limitations related to your recovery present challenges with cooking.

Nothing quite competes with home cooking, but Marsha said the complete meals offered by Meals on Wheels were a great temporary option, considering the surgery also prevented her from driving to pick up food elsewhere. “I just automatically thought of Meals on Wheels as part of the solution,” Marsha says.

Last August, Marsha also turned to Meals on Wheels for help in the wake of a medical event. She underwent a complicated surgery in 2009 and the Olivers received meals for six weeks while she recovered. She credits Meals on Wheels with helping her get back to health quickly enough so she and Rolf could vacation to Italy in 2010.

If you or someone you know could benefit from receiving meals, temporarily or otherwise, learn more about receiving meals or sign up to receive meals online. If you any questions about receiving meals, give us a call at 612-623-3363.