Is Minnesota EBT Right for Me? The Expansion of SNAP Eligibility

Fresh vegetables on a cutting board with a knife. Learn how Minnesota EBT benefits can help you get the benefits of Meals on Wheels.

As of Sept. 1, more Minnesotans are eligible for food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). New guidelines have expanded access to an estimated 1,400 Minnesota households. The new guidelines now open the program to those whose gross monthly incomes are 200% or less than the federal poverty guidelines. This is up from the previous threshold of 165%.

SNAP vs. EBT: What’s the Difference?

SNAP refers to the program, formerly known as food stamps, that offers benefits to help get healthy food to those who need it. EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer, which functions like a credit or debit card for users of the program. The SNAP MN website has answers about the program, as well as details on the new guidelines.

Use SNAP Benefits for Meals on Wheels

Did you know that SNAP benefits can help seniors and people with disabilities pay for Meals on Wheels? It’s true. You can use SNAP benefits beyond grocery services. You can use them for home-delivered meals!

“We are thrilled more Minnesotans will be able to receive the nutrition assistance they need and deserve,” said Patrick Rowan, Executive Director of Metro Meals on Wheels. “We look forward to the positive impact these updated guidelines will have on our local community.”

Learn more about SNAP and Meals on Wheels.

How Do I Qualify for SNAP in Minnesota?

The SNAP MN website offers information on who qualifies for SNAP, along with eligibility requirements and SNAP applications. For those 60 and older, all you have to do is fill out a simple one-page application.

How to Qualify for Meals on Wheels

There are no formal age or income qualifications for Meals on Wheels. Our focus is on helping seniors, and people with disabilities access the convenience of nutritious, home-delivered meals. If Meals on Wheels can improve your life, complete the online enrollment process. This helps us connect you with home-delivered meals and provide information on payment programs, including SNAP. Programs exist to provide meals for no or low cost for those who qualify.

Whether you are struggling with food expenses or could benefit from having meals delivered to your door, Meals on Wheels is here to help! Learn what Meals on Wheels offers the Minnesota community.