Meals on Wheels is featured on Humans of Minneapolis

Lillian smiling wide and giving a side look

We’re excited to announce that a few humans from the Meals on Wheels family will be featured as Humans of Minneapolis in the coming days!

Stephanie Glaros, creator of the “Humans of Minneapolis” project, focuses on making connections between people. She works to encourage empathy and get us to recognize the things that we have in common with each other, especially with those who we normally view as different from us.

Stephanie is partnering with us to share the story of Meals on Wheels in a completely new way. She’s posting pictures and and an accompanying story from eight people involved with Meals on Wheels in December. You can meet these eight humans, all with very special stories, by following Humans of Minneapolis on Facebook or the Humans of Minneapolis website.

Stephanie started photographing and interviewing people on the streets of Minneapolis in 2010, where her goal was to break down barriers and get to know people’s real stories. In 2013 this turned into her blog, Humans of Minneapolis, based off the very popular “Humans of New York” blog.

Throughout her experience interviewing and getting to know the people of Meals on Wheels, she has this to say: “There’s a lot more to the Meals on Wheels story that people aren’t aware of. There are all kinds of reasons why you might need the help from time to time. It might be a temporary situation, or it might be something more permanent. My hope is that people will realize that Meals on Wheels might be more useful to people than they realize.”

We encourage you to share the photos and stories that are posted on Humans of Minneapolis, so more people can see the wonderful work Stephanie does and learn more about Meals on Wheels in the process!