Options for Kosher Meals on Wheels

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Did you know Meals on Wheels offers kosher meal delivery in the Twin Cities? Thanks to two Jewish community organizations, Twin Cities seniors have great options for Kosher Meals on Wheels.

Kosher refers to any food or beverage that a person is allowed to eat if adhering to Jewish dietary laws. Meals on Wheels are available to Twin Cities seniors who keep kosher and could benefit from nutritious meals delivered to their door.

What are the options for kosher meal delivery in the Twin Cities?

In the East Metro, Jewish Family Services (JFS) of St. Paul offers Kosher Meals on Wheels. You can check out their website to see what meal options they are currently offering. Menus are available in both English and Russian. If you live in the East Metro and are interested in kosher food delivery from JFS of St. Paul, call 651-239-4756.

Jewish Family and Children’s Services (JCFS) of Minneapolis provides Kosher Meals on Wheels to those living in the West Metro along with many other senior services. JCFS delivers frozen kosher meals once per week to recipients. To learn more about their program or to enroll, call 952-546-0616.

Kosher meal programs and Metro Meals on Wheels

Kosher Meals on Wheels programs on both sides of the Twin Cities have been serving Jewish seniors for decades. Their programs strive to serve delicious meals to seniors who keep kosher and can benefit from meals delivered directly to their homes. They are longstanding members of the network of Meals on Wheels programs that serve Twin Cities seniors.

Both JFS of St. Paul and JFCS of Minneapolis are larger social service agencies serving the needs of Jewish families. Their Kosher Meals on Wheels programs are just one of the many programs they offer to the community.

Striving to meet the dietary needs of all Twin Cities seniors

At Meals on Wheels, we strive to meet the cultural and dietary needs of all Twin Cities seniors through the meals we offer. In addition to kosher options, we also serve Halal meals through our partnership with Al-Maa’uun, vegetarian cuisine for South Asian seniors through SEWA-AIFW and offer Latino-focused and Asian-focused menus.

Learn more about our meals and menus.