Recognizing our extraordinary volunteers

Volunteers Sue and Rich

April is National Volunteer Month, and it’s a great opportunity for us to acknowledge the extraordinary work our volunteers do year-round. Last year, 10,450 volunteers across the metro area supported our seniors through administrative tasks, food preparation, and of course, delivering meals. We’re so grateful for their dedication – Meals on Wheels wouldn’t be possible without them.

We’ve heard many inspiring stories of volunteer drivers impacting the lives of meal recipients. In addition to delivering nourishing food, these volunteers provide companionship, find personal fulfillment, and sometimes even save lives. Below are a few stories from recent years.

Sue Johnson and Lisa Fahey both enjoy delivering Meals on Wheels every week. Thanks to their weekly route, they each helped people they deliver to out of potentially dangerous situations this past year.

When meal recipient Marsha fell, she was eventually able to get back into her chair, but she was disoriented. Luckily, the Meals on Wheels volunteer showed up as expected and noticed that things didn’t quite seem right. He alerted the program director who was able get in touch with Marsha’s family so they could send help.

Last winter, news crews tagged along with Eastside Meals on Wheels volunteers Tish Alexander and Shauna Brookings as they delivered meals ahead of a winter storm. The mother-daughter delivery duo are beloved by meal recipients and are known for delivering flowers in addition to meals.

Jim Gubluff was a longtime Meals on Wheels driver in his Hastings neighborhood. When he had heart surgery in 2020 that resulted in a move to an assisted living facility, he worried he would have to quit what he described as the “best job in the world.” It turned out he didn’t have to as fellow volunteer Fay Wallin helped him return to his route.

During the pandemic, Cordelia Henderson felt like something was missing from her life. She wasn’t feeling as connected to her community as she would like. Then she started volunteering for Meals on Wheels and found joy in connecting with meal recipients. “It’s been such an experience,” she said. “I wish you could see their faces when you bring their meals. I have a few folks where I try to make them the last ones because I know they like to talk.”

We’re so thankful for all of you who provide this important service! If you’re interested in delivering meals, visit to learn more.