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Blog: An Extra Serving

Chef Kris Almsted carved this watermelon with the Meals on Wheels logo for the Kitchen of Opportunities Grand Opening

Introducing the Meals on Wheels Kitchen of Opportunities

As a retired registered nurse, Judy knows the value of good nutrition when it comes to staying healthy. And as someone who gets Meals on Wheels, she also appreciates healthy food that also tastes good. Judy, who is 72 and lives in Brooklyn Park, signed up for Meals on Wheels about a year ago when […]

A Meals on Wheels sample meal with pork

What does the President’s proposed budget mean for Meals on Wheels?

After President Trump sent a blueprint budget for Fiscal Year 2018 to Congress, there’s rightfully been concern in the Meals on Wheels community about potential funding cuts to local programs. We have been inspired by so many Meals on Wheels supporters during this time and would like to take this opportunity to answer a few […]


Some prominent Minnesotans want you to know it’s okay to call Meals on Wheels. Take 30 seconds to learn why.

Hero of the Month

Department of Human Services logoThis month’s Hero of the Month is the Minnesota Department of Human Services. We’re honored to be a recipient of a Department of Human Services Live Well at Home Grant for our Meal Access Technology Project to provide enhanced service to meal recipients through website and database improvements. This month we’re sharing what we learned through this project at the Minnesota Age & Disabilities Odyssey Conference.