Workplace Delivery Teams

Are you looking for a workplace volunteer opportunity that makes a huge impact on your community, is easy to implement and manage, and is something employees can do over the lunch hour? If so, delivering meals is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you and your co-workers!

It only takes a lunch hour to deliver meals to eight to 10 people in need. How’s that for a power lunch? Starting a Workplace Delivery Team is an easy-to-implement corporate volunteer opportunity for you and your company to make a real difference in the lives of seniors and those with disabilities in your community.

Delivering meals is a great team-building opportunity that only requires a group of two or more individuals to get started. Companies like 3M, Xcel Energy, General Mills and Thrivent have maintained Workplace Delivery Teams for years because employees embrace this simple and effective way to help community members in need.

To start a Workplace Delivery Team today, complete our online form or contact us at (612) 623-3363 to learn more about how your company can take advantage of this workplace-friendly volunteer opportunity.

FAQs for Workplace Volunteers

How much time will I spend delivering meals?

Your route will involve about one hour of delivery time plus your time traveling to and from the meal pickup site.

How many people does it take to start a Workplace Delivery Team?

It only takes two to start! Workplace Delivery Teams may vary in size from two to 200 and you can add new employee volunteers at any time.

How often do teams deliver meals?

However often you would like—once a month, every other week, or every week! You might decide to start delivering once a month and deliver more if your schedule allows. We’ll work with you to establish a schedule that works for your company.

How long does it take to deliver meals?

The delivery process takes an hour or less. With 35 delivery locations throughout the Twin Cities, you’ll be paired with one that’s close to your workplace.

Who organizes a Workplace Delivery Team?

It works best to designate a team leader who is the main point of contact and organizes your company’s delivery schedule. This person will act as a liaison between your company and Meals on Wheels staff.

What are the benefits of a delivering meals for my company?

Delivering meals is a fulfilling volunteer opportunity that requires minimal time spent away from the workplace and helps a trusted and well-respected organization that’s been serving Twin Cities communities for more than 40 years. It’s also a great team-building opportunity and some companies use delivering meals as an opportunity to connect current employees with retired employees who still volunteer. 

Will I deliver meals with a co-worker?

Yes, most Workplace Delivery Teams work in groups of two so employees have the chance to work together.

What if an employee can't deliver meals as scheduled?

The beauty of Workplace Delivery Teams is another team member can step in and sub for someone who can’t deliver. If you can’t fill the spot, contact your Meals on Wheels staff member ahead of time so they can make arrangements for additional help.

Are there resources I can share with decision makers or co-workers at my company?

Yes! We offer a number of resources that can be easily shared with others at your workplace:

Starting a Workplace Delivery Team

Learn how you can start a Workplace Delivery Team and help convince people at your company to join you.

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Workplace Delivery Team Sign Up

Interested in starting a Workplace Delivery Team? Complete this form to get started.

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